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BAKHANG school reconstruction

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BAKHANG school reconstruction

2015 Earthquake

In 2015, Nepal was hit by two devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquakes, leaving £7.8 billions of damage across the country. Many children were left devastated without a home or school to go to. In Northern Nepal, the children of the Bakhang village were left to study in make-shift tent classrooms, which were unsafe and extremely cold. As parents became increasingly concerned about their children’s safety following the earthquake, attendance at the school dropped from 85 to 45. With very few education opportunities, it was vital that the children had a safe and equipped school to go to.

White Friday Fundraiser

Following the news of the devastation, Joe Komodo immediately acted to help support and rebuild the communities of our beloved friends in Nepal. In collaboration with the Tibet Relief Fund, Komodo supported the funding for a new school for the children to attend. With your help, sales from our White Friday deal and further contributions from Komodo helped to buy hand pressed brick machines, so that villagers and volunteers could rebuild the school – sustainably as well!


Working with the NGO charity ‘Build Up Nepal’, the local people were provided with practical training and skills to rebuild their communities, using compressed earth technology to produce low cost, sustainable and earthquake resistant bricks.

“The villagers are taught how to mix the local soil with cement and sand and how to use a compression machine to turn this mixture into bricks! Once the bricks have dried in the sun, they are ready to be made in to buildings. The bricks are interlocking so they are very simple to use – just like giant Lego bricks! The buildings are strengthened using metal bars and pillars – making the finished product highly earthquake resistant.”

In the long term, the implementation of intermediate technology will provides the community with intergenerational skills in repair and construction. Not only will the community be able to repair and construct their own buildings without outside help, it also meansthe villagers can make extra money making bricks and selling them to neighbouring villages.

The School's Inauguration

The 5thof January 2018 marked the inauguration of the school, with around 100 people in attendance, including representatives from the district education office and ward office. Impressed with the dedication and hard work put into the school’s construction, both of the representatives committed 300 000 rs (£3,400) towards furniture and new learning equipment for the school!

The community celebrated the inauguration with traditional dance and music, as well as cheerful speeches. Project Manager Andreas Kölling from Build Up Nepal told us that “The community, families and children are all naturally very happy about the new school!!”


We wish all the best for the future of our friends in Nepal!

Joe Komodo says...

Never. Ending. Peace. And. Love.

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