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KOMODO ⨯ Hemp, Yeah!

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KOMODO ⨯ Hemp, Yeah!

#we want to save the world but we just make clothes

Let's talk KOMODO ⨯ Hemp - why it’s one of the best, most eco-conscious resources out there, and why it should be your new best friend!

Is Hemp Fabric
Planet Friendly?


it requires no pesticides and

needs very little water to be produced

(it's not called "weed" for nothing)

KOMODO ● The Orginal Ethical Brand  

Hemp and Marijuana are different versions of the same plant but Hemp has no adverse effects when worn!

With over 25,000 known uses, at KOMODO we have mastered its clothing benefits since we started!

Joe Komodo says...Hemp works!

Why Do KOMODO Love Hemp?

Weather Rebel

Hemp is resistant to ultraviolet light damage. - Keeping your skin safe with even the thinnest layer.

Strong as an Ox

Due to the nature of its fibres being long and highly coupled together, it's a super durable fabric.

Stands the Test of Time

Did you know that some fabrics actually get softer over time? Hemp is one of these fabrics! With wear and washing, Hemp becomes softer and even more comfortable.

Grows Anywhere

One of the most powerful methods for creating a more sustainable planet is to produce our own Eco-Friendly resources. Hemp is one of these resources & is found all over the world and even the Arctic!

Chop, Chop

It can take a long time to grow trees, cotton, and other plants that we cut down for resources and depend on so greatly. However, hemp is a plant that can grow very rapidly and has been known to grow twice or more the speed compared to cotton.


Sometimes our clothes get stained beyond cleaning or just wear beyond repair.

Sadly, this can mean that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to donate it to a family member, friend, or charity.

Luckily, hemp clothing is 100% naturally biodegradable! Which means throwing it away isn’t damaging to our planet.

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What do you love about Hemp fashion?

We would love to know! Let us know in the comments 😃


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